Camping In Scotland

Camping In Scotland

Camping In Scotland

Camping In Scotland, Oban, In His Own Words

Camping In Scotland : Oban- In a personal capacity,Camping in Scotland’s beautiful Loch Crearanne.

I had no idea before I travelled across the Atlantic to camp in Scotlandans most admirerable mountain. Standing on the beach of the loch in daylight, tacking up the exposed mountainside and watching the wee Scottish boats anchored in the bay, it walked so temptingly close. Camping In Scotland

I had tumbled down the loch beach a couple of times as a child, when my Dad was a school manager, pulling up outside a friend’s house where he worked. He was a farmer. Walking through the village I had heard the distant sounds of a milk cow and cats. The farmer was initials only, so I could not be sure who his friend was.

So did I continue my ramblings or did I call halt for some reason?

I was on a hill top a mile north of the village. I looked down the slope and saw a path heading East towards the Highlands. It made sense. I could see Snowdon and the Galloway Hills beckon like two large babies.

Since I had been in Britain for just over a year, my mother had bought a quaint “cabina danse salina” in recognition of her being full-time mother to my two sisters. It sat in the top of a very long valley. Trees, streams and a river were the only sources of water. The crawl space was no larger than legal for a adult.

Looking at the affordable “cabina danse salina”I determined I could not spend a weeks exploring Scotland. I would need more time first.

So I languished in the cabin, which had a good amount of metal bars. The water spigot was located near the front door, so it was easy to get a good glass of whiskey or schnapps.

linoleum and the kitchen sink were scavenged from the guest house. Approximately one month into my vacation, I slept on the couch.

I watched the jug of whiskey as it drained from the kitchen sink and into the sleeping bag. I waited until the light went out, and then blew it out again. I put the jar of salt in the sink, and then I slept.

I woke up suddenly, hit by a wonderful calmness. Like being in my living room at home. I ran to my room and looked at myself. I was statue like. Just thirty-two years old.

I heard a loud scratching outside my door. I went out to find the culprit. It was a black bear on the bear truck. I kept thinking I was going to faint or pass out. Well, I decided to keep my wits about me.

I pulled out my cell phone and called my friend. Got me a couple of beers and I went to bed.

The next morning I met my friends and companion, and we had a gallivanting breakfast. I swear the bears smelled the coffee.

We were ready to Continue. We started down the trail at 9:00. It was needless to say that we changed into second clothes as we strolled down the trail.

We were going to pass a falls just as we entered the forest. The map also indicated a stream a few hundred yards away. We walked that way. Soon we emerged at the top of a hill. The sign said Hotel beEntrusted with steep slopes. We decided to stop there for the night.

It was a rugged river bed, so we were very careful to have our cameras with us and to put them in our backpacks. The hotel keeper showed us how to thread our way through the falls. He showed us how to hold on and how to step off the edge of the falls.

It was a learn day. We learned to hold our breath and heard the water howl at the top of the falls. How wonderfully majestic.

Jagat elders told us there are spirits living in the water. We saw many.

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