P Michelle’s Peru Holiday


P Michelle’s Peru Holiday

P Michelle’s Peru Holiday
Pearly as I am writing this article I am thinking how happy I am to be back in Lima after Nearly 23 years I have been here, in this beautiful city, after that long ago time, I seem to have attracted the interest of almost everyone, the kind and generous people of Peru , and my books enjoy even the more recent years.

For a start I and my brother have been working on a project in southern Peru for 15 years, combining that with our own Peru research and after having lived in the Andes for about 10 years I returned to Lima to do a little research and also to celebrate my brother 50th anniversary of his company, become a partner without controlling his entire company. As a person I like to do things slowly, I likeatti drawn out and I am even less patient than I’d like and impatient!

Lima is a really interesting city , on the edge of the lake and close to the historic area of Copacabana. I had a lot of the time to explore the city during the week and during weekends we’d go out for a walk around the Plaza de Armas, Plaza Viejo, and the Cathedral area. One thing that is really interesting about my city is its location, just 5 kilometres south of the world’s Fair Post – nice!

We stayed in the Nomad Palace, a 6 star hotel, the best hotel in Lima. The whole family was comfortable and well fed, my brother and four brothers went to school and so did I. Looking around the room we had a view right over the river and close to the famous Quick Lunch and Quick Dinner temples that the locals love. The furniture is high tech, sleek and modern, no bills but hey let’s move on.

As I slept like a stone the other hotel guest were quite noisy, I tried to get some sleep but it just seemed to me that all I could hear was the hour long hissing from the tiny swimming pool next door. At night it got a little crazy, I could hear every noise they made, every vein in my neck pulsating, it was like I was being electrocuted. scared out of my mind I decided to go outside and take a seat to see if anyone was hurt. After several minutes I got a tiny little tent in one of the palm trees and curled up there till relieved.

Lima is a great city to visit during the Peru vacation if you are looking for a spiritual or cultural experience. You can tour the Convent of Santo Domingo and also the Cathedral and also the Institute of Mormon Studies.

The Peru vacation must include a tryst with the Amazonian if you are looking for a jungle adventure of a lifetime.

Cycling is another great way to vacation and see the country. The people in the cities are not really that great and the countryside is an adventure onto itself.

And I recommend you to vacation in the city of Lima, the capital of Peru, a city that seems to be untouched by the modern civilization. The old town is quite fascinating.

Lima is also worth the experience of eating an authentic food taste, try the dishes with cuy (tea) and scorzon (tripe).

I really think that an incredible vacation awaits you in Peru, give it a chance and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Authors note: The author recommends to get a Machu Picchu tour and a biking tour in the area of Arequipa when you are done with your vacation in Peru.

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