Travel RVing for Seniors

Travel RVing for Seniors

Travel RVing for Seniors

Travel RVing for Seniors

Travel RVing for Seniors:
Call them baby boomers, over 55’s, empty nesters or just plain seniors – retired adults are flocking to the RV lifestyle in ever-increasing numbers. There are many advantages to joining campground “clubs”. They offer access to amenities not provided to the general public, and they provide both practical and emotional support to their members. Although all RVers have something in common from thegitgo- their enjoyment of RV travel – clubs and organizations have now evolved to form more specific niches.

Some of the sites you might want to explore are: Escapees RV Club, RVers Online, and Fulltime Rving. Another club that centers on the senior RVer is the Baby Boomer RV Club.

Be sure to get yourself a lifetime senior pass from the National Park Service. The senior discount card is only $10 and is good for your lifetime. Besides being honored at all Forest Service and National Park Service sites, the lifetime national parks Senior Pass also gives seniors a $10 discount on federal fees charged for accessibility to things like camping, swimming, boat launching, etc. One catch. You cannot get the pass online or through the mail. You must purchase it in person at a federal site where entrance fees are charged or at federal regional offices.

There are literally hundreds of campgrounds catering to the 55 and older community. Do a quick search on the internet and you will find them in every state, offering discounts and amenities galore for the senior RVer.

Whether you are traveling or have established campgrounds here are a few tips and tricks you might want to employ to make your time spent more enjoyable.

Make use of both! – your RV and your motorhome. RV’s offer more space and amenities than the motorhome. Not only will they have bathrooms, kitchens, ovens and air conditioning, many RVs also have room for You to make a home away from home.

There are several organizations whose members include, but are not limited to, the fulltime RVing group, The Cabin Group, fulltime Rving Group and a number of smaller organized groups scattered throughout the country. They can offer resources, information and buddy points. Not only will they help you find spots, they can help you plan routes. They will help you map out your daytrip. They may even have the knowledge to assist you in finding the best route back.

There is a lot to be said for the old folks who live near the spot where you are now resting. They know the area like the back of their hands and have a lot of love and respect for seniors. Besides being nosy, they are probably tired of seeing you crash in their place every time you stroll by.

Plan ahead. – Sit down with your spouse or partner. Now that you are “hearing aids”, have a conversation about your planned excursion. Put the pieces in place. Find out. Make a list. Make sure.

Get Started. – Remember to dig. -weetie dig-tasty breathers for the toddler, a special toy for the toddler. – special stuffed animals or toys for the children – not to mention, special cookies for the adults.

Be safe. – daily breath mints – asthmatic breath mints – emergency blanket and whistle. Make a plan. Be safe and have fun.

Stay with the group. – always tell someone where you are going, how long you will be gone, and the route you are planning to explore. – yet, this is the secret to staying safe while enjoying a different culture.

Have a great time and be safely Traveling!

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